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Combination Pack

Promise you a Happy Organic Life with HOW

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1 x Protect

Be Kind To Your Skin - It Protects You 

Give your Skin the Best Organic Nutrition, Avoid Synthetic Vitamins! 
PROTECT our 100% Organic Skin vitamins for a natural glow and radiance.

1 x Weight-A-Minute

Take a safer and natural approach to Weight loss

1 x Resilience

Give your Hair and Nails the Best Organic Nutrition, Avoid Synthetic Vitamins!

Resilience our 100% Organic Hair and nail vitamins made with natural ingredients


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Resilience was specifically and carefully formulated to help strengthen your nails and revitalize your hair. The synergistic blend of bamboo tabashir silica and Hydro-Col (a marine derived protein complex) form the foundation and catalyst for Resilience. It promotes the renewal and strengthening of hair and nail cells.Bamboo is a naturally rich source of silica that effective re-mineralizing agent for hair and nails, due to its high content of iron, calcium,choline and betaine. Meanwhile, the protein matrix in Hydro-Col provides ideal protection and strength for your hair and nails.
Lets not forget the scientifically organic based and well balanced blend of bilberry,flaxseed,horsetail extract, natural bamboo,tabashir silica extract,MSN,vitamins, minerals and many other carefully chosen natural ingredients that have been added to the formula to give optimal results. Bilbery has advanced antioxidant properties to help protect against free radical damage and improve the condition of your hair and nails. Flaxseed extracts helps to alleviate dryness and itchiness gives you complete relieve. Horsetail Extract promotes hair growth making them strong and resilient. The natural Bamboo Tabashir Silica Extract is an effective re-mineralizing agent for hair and nails, due to the high content of iron, calcium, choline and betaine.Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) encourages the development and maintenance of all connective and other types of tissue (building blocks for hair and skin).B Vitamins helps to maintain overall health and repair of cells.
By supplementing your diet with Protect, it encourages skin renewal and elasticity.Hydro-Col (a marine derived protein complex) which is the main active ingredient which forms the building blocks of the skin and specifically target the collagen rejuvenation and anti-aging processes. Aloe Vera with its antimicrobial propeties has been added to this formula to help kill bateria and protect against dryness and harsh environmental elements. The Vitamin C and E present in the Aloe Vera helps to improve skin' nautral firmness, keeps it hydrate and acts as a protective layer to the skin.Protect works from the inside out to maintain the skin’s suppleness and youth, specifically targeting the collagen rejuvenationand anti-aging processes. This product is perfect for you if you want smooth-looking skin and a healthy, fresh complexion.
Weight A Minute
With its revolutionary blend of vegetarian Chitosan Complex and super absorbable Chromium Picolinate, Weight-A-Minute may be the perfect complement to a balanced diet and regular exercise. The vegetarian Chitosan Complex has the ability to bind six times its weight in fats and lipids in the stomach before being absorbed through the digestive system, thereby preventing an increase in dietary fat and reducing appetite. So far, we have had amazing success with this product - currently our best-selling- and we are confident that you will too.

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